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Star Wars Ships Databank

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Star Wars Ships Databank is an unofficial collection of notable starships and starship classes in Star Wars universe. Get easy access to technical specs, images and significant information on 611 most notable starships in Star Wars universe in just couple of seconds.
You can access your database whenever and wherever - no internet connection is needed since all content is on the device.
Features:- 611 starships described, 557 with images- total of 705 starship images available- starships are grouped into 3 categories: starfighters, capital ships and transports- within categories, starships can be sorted alphabetically, by affiliation or by role- starships, affiliations and roles can be easily searched (search as you type)- details view consists of technical information about selected starship (table like presentation), description of starship, additional information (where available) and images (where available)- tapping image in details view opens up gallery for selected starship- portrait and landscape view available in gallery
This application does not containt all starships and starship classes in Star Wars universe, but those that we found to be most notable. If you have any suggestion for additional starships to be entered into database feel free to contact us at Also, dont hesitate to contact us for any misleading or missing information in the database.
***Legal notice:Star Wars and all related starship names, characters and other elements associated thereto are registered trademarks of Lucasfilms, Ltd. and are sole and exclusive property of Lucasfilms, Ltd. This application is in no way sponsored, affiliated with or endorsed by Lucasfilms, Ltd. or any of its associates, employees or subsidiaries. No infrigement is attempted in any way. The author of this application makes no claim over Star Wars or any trademarks and copyrights related to it. This application falls under Fair Use doctrine.***